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Do I deduct foreign exchange fees the same as commission fees when doing taxes for stock sales?

Part of my income is in RSUs. These are traded on the NYSE, so when I cash out my proceeds are in USD. My brokerage will happily transfer the money to me in CAD, but like any forex exchange I have to pay for that via the worse rate they offer me vs the posted rate (usually about 0.015 in their advantage). Is this fee tax deductible? I don't see it as being different than the brokerage commission fee I have to pay to do the trade.
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Personal Experience: Change brokerage from RBC&TD to interactive broker

I just want to share my personal experience change brokerage from RBC&TD to interactive broker since late 2019. I found interactive broker much better than TD/RBC for my US equity investment. I invest predominantly in US stocks, including Canadian companies dual listed in NYSE/NASDAQ.
Some of the big Pros:
  1. Very low commission compared to RBC/TD. 1USD for fixed pricing, 0.35 for tired pricing.
  2. Participation in pre-market and after-market. This help me to fill my aggressive limit order.
  3. USD/CAD forex is 2USD, even cheaper than Nombert Gambit.
  4. Fractional shares allow me to invest in Google/Amazon/Tesla in a more reasonable pace.(buy 500 dollars for four times vs buy 2000 at one time)
Some Cons:
  1. They have several platforms which is very confusing. TWS is most powerful but look ugly on Mac. Client portal is nice looking but function-lacking. I actually found IBKR IOS to be powerful but also nice looking, so end up mostly use IBKR IOS.
  2. Be careful using EFT deposit. There is a 60 business day holding period if withdrawal to a different bank.
  3. One might need to spend some time research on their fee structure, deposit/withdrawal procedure.
I have ignored IB for years due to it being an American brokerage and do not have physical locations. Finally tried it and now think it is the best for US equity investment in Canada. Hopefully if we move more investment to online brokerage such as Questrade/IB/Wealthsimple, eventually will shake the big 5 and force them to lower their ridiculous commission.(It is still nice to have one of the big 5 for some portfolio.)
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The $25k requirement vs just going Forex

I've traded in the past and skirted around the day trading rules but eventually my broker said no.. I want to day trade again and I do have the money to meet the requirements on the flip side I really don't want to set aside $25k just to have a day trade account. I wont be trading at the $25k level anytime soon so I hate to have that money tied up in a brokerage.
I was looking at Forex, but honestly I know little about it and it would take a me quiet awhile to learn before I'd feel safe trading with real money on Forex.
I'm sort of curious what people think about Forex vs dealing with daytrader requirements on the NYSE?

When trading stocks I don't invest, I don't even care about the company, I traded purely on volume. I'm not sure how I could translate that into Forex trading because I simply don't understand it enough yet.
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Can you actually make money in forex?

Has anyone here actually been able to quit their day job and make a living trading forex? I’ve been demo trading for 6 months and it’s hard to make any decent profits. There’s probably a lot more money in selling forex material vs. making money in the spot market. Are your odds better in the spot market or the NYSE? Playing poker almost seems more profitable than forex 😂
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What happens to stocks trading on foreign exchanges when there is a US IPO (LEVI LVISF BABA.US BABA.SW)

I was researching the upcoming Levi's IPO and noticed that their Japanese counterpart Levi's Japan KK trades on the Nikkei. I am not sure what the ownership relationship is between the two, but Levi's Japan says that they are "licensing" Levi's apparel for sale in Japan. They have been around since 1982 and report 14.5B USD revenue. Its price went from 2.6 to 10 in May 2018, but I can't find any source to tell me if that was due to buyback, merger, reverse split, or other reason.
My question is what typically happens to stocks like this once the US company IPO's or has other big changes in valuation?
I also looked at the Swiss SIX traded Alibaba stock vs. NYSE, and the swiss version has 13 % points better 5 year returns, after accounting for 13.5% gain of the CHF vs USD. This overperformance tended to hold when looking at other timeframes.
I don't know a ton about forex or how monetary policy affects securities besides basics, but can anyone comment on the price behavior and possibility for arbitrage?
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